Opening a AAB-Vie account

At AAB-Vie you have different types of account, namely:
  • Current account, ordinary current account for employees
  • The savings account for salaried and non-salaried employees
  • The minor account
  • Joint accounts
To open an ordinary current account with AAB-Vie, you must provide proof of :
  • 2 passport photos
  • Your valid national identity card or passport
  • Proof of address: water, electricity or telephone bill in your name or a certificate of employment/employment contract for private-sector employees or a certificate of employment for civil servants.
When you open your account, you benefit from all the services and personalised solutions offered by AAB-Vie
  • Keep your money in a secure place and withdraw it without constraint thanks to payment methods
  • Benefit from financing to support your projects or the development of your activities
  • Personalised monitoring of your accounts and advice from your account manager
  • Make your money grow thanks to the interest you earn at the end of the year
  • Be protected from emergencies with your overdraft facility
  • Control your account flows with a complete remote banking package, by text message, internet or regular account statements
There are no charges for opening a current account (CAV).
A minimum deposit of FCFA 15,000 is required for a savings account.
You can open an account on the spot in 5 minutes.
Deposits can be made at the cash desk or by account-to-account transfer using the account number. The first deposit can be made on activation.
To open a minor's account at AAB-Vie, you must provide proof of :
  • 2 passport photos
  • A valid birth certificate or passport for the minor
  • The legal guardian's valid national identity card or NINA card or passport or refugee card
  • Proof of address: an electricity, water or telephone bill in the name of the legal guardian or a certificate of accommodation accompanied by a copy of the identity document of the person providing accommodation and the bill or a certificate of employment or employment contract for private-sector employees or a certificate of employment for civil servants or a certificate of residence or a copy of the lease contract + rent receipt.
At AAB-Vie, you can open an account with more than one account holder. This is called a joint account.
You can set up a proxy on your account to authorise a third party to carry out transactions on your account.
At AAB-Vie, to direct debit your salary, all you need to do is provide us with a document certifying the irrevocability of the direct debit.
The RIB is a key element in order to receive a transfer to the account concerned and to be able to issue one.
You should therefore provide your employer with the RIB for the account to which you wish to receive your salary.
Once the account has been opened, the RIB is sent to you. The RIB is available on AFG Mobile for customers who subscribe to it.